Making Homemade Lock Picks The Right Way

A lot of people are making homemade lock picks.  This is because a lot of people are picking up lock picking as a skill.  People from all ages and all lifestyles are now recognizing that they can benefit in a lot of ways if they know the skill.  For example, the poor and the middle-class people can use the skill to earn a little bit of extra money.  No, that doesn’t mean that they’re going to use the skill to break into homes although there are also a lot of people who do that.  On that note, even the rich people practice lock picking.  This is for information purposes so that they can be aware of the weaknesses of their locks.  On the other hand, a lot of them pick up the skill as a hobby. 

Now, let’s get one thing straight right now.  It’s very easy to do it.  Of course, you need to have patience and determination.  You have to recognize that it’s easy but not to the point that you can be complacent.  At this point, complacency will lead to failure and failure will lead to frustration. 

This is why if you do decide to do it, do the right way.  Now, it’s important that you know that your success will rely heavily on your tools – the lock picks.  The easy way to do this is to just buy them.  This is actually a good option because there are a lot of sets available.  However, you have to know that they are very expensive.  If you have the money, then go for it.  But you have to know that there are legal issues that you’re going to face depending on your location.  Besides, it’s a hobby.  It’s not supposed to be that easy.

This is why a lot of people would suggest that you just make your own set.  Did you know that you can make a set using paper clips?  It’s actually very popular because of its simplicity and availability of materials.  Just straighten them out and with the help of a pair of long nose pliers, you can bend them to imitate the tips of the most common picks.  This is a good skill to learn so that you can make picks whenever you want.

But since you’ve already decided to be serious, why not spend a few extra dollars and a few extra time to make them the right way?  Here are the things that you need:

·         Allen wrenches

·         Dremel tool

·         Filer

With these tools, you can make lock picks that are very effective.  Done correctly, they’ll work better than the ones made from paper clips.  Using the Dremel, flatten the Allen wrenches one by one until they’re thin enough to fit comfortably inside the keyhole.  Just make sure that when you’re using the Dremel, angle the Allen wrench towards the direction to where the Dremel is spinning.  A 45 degree angle works best.  On the other hand, some people find it easier to use the filer.  Try both to see which one works better for you.   Afterwards, use the Dremel tool to shape the tip into a lock pick. 

Simply put, use the best materials and don’t cut corners.  Find the best method that works for you.